Split Personality Designs
Split Personality Designs by: Rachelle Thorpe.

I have always been an avid treasure hunter. I love transforming vintage pieces into a modern setting. Taking my passion for mixing vintage concept, in modern ways, carries into all my jewelry and accessories. I make jewelry from upcycled and recycled materials, and other sustainable sources. I enjoy assemblage art and collage, but I am always experimenting with new mediums... you never know what will be next.

I fancy mixing antiquities and gemstones in a modern way. Breathing new life in to old things is an aesthetic that I am obsessed with. My jewelry is a mix of yesterday and today.

The name Split Personality Designs stems from the idea that we have different moods, or personalities, and I want my jewelry to reflect that diversity. Let me introduce you to my various personalities...

Anaïs loves Steampunk... She dreams of a Utopian society where everything runs like clockwork.

Colette loves vintage.. mixing the old with the new is an aesthetic she is obsessed with.

Olivia is playful... she is not afraid to mix bold pieces and colors together to create a showstopper!

Zoé is edgy... she is tough, but with an untouchable sense of fashion.

Antoinette is romantic... she loves weddings, gemstones and elegance. Her jewelry is timeless, petite and pretty.


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